Go to the mystery box detail page

Log in to your VEXMETA account and click [Purchase Mystery Box] on the homepage banner to go to the mystery box detail page.

Edit quantity and click Buy Now

You can edit the quantity that you want to purchase and click [Buy Now] to checkout.

Apply whitelist code (if any) and Checkout

During the pre-sale period, you have to enter a whitelist code and then click [Apply]
You can choose pay by Paypal(credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and American Express) or Binance Pay, confirm the quantity total price and then click [Checkout].
Note: we will not collect your shipping address and shipping fee at the moment, you have to submit shipping orders and pay for the shipping fees after your mystery box opened.


Follow the instructions to input the payment details. Before you confirm your order, please check the payment details and fees. Please complete the payment within the specified time.
Credit Card:


Purchase successfully and mystery box opened

After the payment is successful, the system will redirect to the purchase success page.
Once your order is confirmed, the drawing will be executed automatically. Since smart contracts are unable to generate truly random numbers, to ensure fairness, the random numbers will be generated by Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function), for users to verify its randomness and prove that the numbers are unpredictable.
The mystery box usually takes about one minute to open. It may take longer time under some circumstances, please be patient. Users can then go to [My Collectibles] page and check the contents of the mystery box as soon as it is completed. Figures and NFTs will be shown respectively in “My Collectibles”.
Know more about Chainlink VRF
NFTs will be disclosed to other users and available for sale on secondary markets after 5 hours.