Go to the Shipping Page

After the mystery box is opened, you will find the Figures and NFTs in [[My Collectibles]](https://vexmeta.shop/en/profile/collectibles?tab=figure). You can click [Ship Figure] in your [Figures] collection. Or simply click [[Shipping]](https://vexmeta.shop/en/profile/shipping) in the profile menu.

Select figures to ship

You can submit shipping orders on the shipping page. You can select designated or multiple figures to ship. You can check the total amount of selected items and weight, and then click [Next]
Note: Please be aware of the remaining time of each figure. If you are unable to submit the shipping order before the remaining time, it means you are unwilling to get the figures and we do not provide any delivery or storage service.

Select / Add an Address

If you have never entered an address, please click [Add new address].

Then you can select an address and click [Next].

Shipping fee calculation and confirmation

Please confirm your shipping order with the item list, shipping address, and shipping summary. The system will calculate the shipping fee according to the total weight of items and destination. Then click [Pay by credit card] to pay the shipping fee and confirm the shipping order.
Note: Physical figures will be sent from Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China will be sent by SF Express. For local and overseas, please click here to check the shipping price list and details.


Follow the instructions to input the payment details. Before you confirm your order, please check the payment details and fees. Please complete the payment within the specified time.
Credit Card:

Shipping order confirmed

You can check your shipping order records in [History].
It generally takes around 7-14 working days to arrive, depending on your destination country, the delivery time will vary. Due to COVID-19, the delivery may be affected and delayed, please be aware.